February 2016

Click on the Thumbnails for full size versions of the images.  If an image has a little green arrow in the lower right corner, you can click on it to download a wif  version of the weaving draft.

Note that the images for CW Awards for 2015 can be found in their own gallery in the Awards section.

Sources and Resources, The Wonders of Archive.org by Ruth MacGregor

Trompled by Marty Benson

All Natural Clothing Shaped on the Loom by Roxane Gardett

Exploring Estonian Bandweaving by Deborah Holcomb

Quartet: Leaves by Kay Faulkner, Carolyn Gritzmaker, Marty Benson, and Jette Vandermeiden

Double Harness Study Group

  • The Recursive Drawloom by Toni Ammons
  • A Drawloom by Any Other Name by Kay Faulkner
  • Drawloom for the De-loomed by Kati Meek



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