February 2014


You will find the images for the Complex Weavers Awards, seen in this issue, in the Awards Gallery.

Click on the thumbnails to see an enlarged version of each image. If there is a little green arrow in the lower right corner of the image, you may click on it to download a .wif file, readable by most weaving programs.

Textiles in Japan: A Travelogue, June 2013, by Rebecca Shanks

Sample Exchange The Old-Fashioned Way, Judy Dumke, Study Group Leader

Focus on Woven Resist:

  • Ann Maxvill
  • Marilyn Harrington
  • Barbara Cabrol
  • Charlene Schurch
  • Kay Faulkner
  • Stacey Harvey-Brown
  • Dianne Totten
  • Margriet Carrico
  • Scharine Kirchoff
  • Sherri Woodard Coffey
  • Eva Stossel



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