CW Awards 2019

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Complex Weavers Award ribbon for 2019 – Marguerite Gingras

Iridescence by Lorelei Caracausa, Contemporary Handweavers of Texas: Biennial Conference

Eight-shaft Multiple Tabby by Bridget Flynn, Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers: Celebration of Fibers

Rhythm in Blue by Louise French, Midwest Weavers’ Conference: Uncommon Threads

For Émilie by Marguerite Gingras, Association fes Tisserands du Québec: Annual Conference

Mother-of-Pearl by Tania Habrle, Creative Fibre New Zealand: Annual Festival

Noelant by Deborah Kaplan, New England Weavers’ Seminars: Gallery Show

Kilim Silk by Hedy Lyles, Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild: Color: Classic to Contemporary

Tangerine Dream by Hanna Roehrs, Handweavers’ Guild of Connecticut: Interlacements – Artistic Expressions in Weaving

Autumn Hosta: on the Verge of Slime by Darcy Topper, New England Weavers’ Seminars: Fashion

Not a Wallflower Any More by Martha Town, Michigan League of Handweavers

Scarf by Jeanette Tregeagle, Mary Atwater Weaving Guild 25th Biennial: For the Love of Fibers

Weaving is in my DNA – DNA is in my Weaving by Melodie Usher, Intermountain Weavers Conference

Mystical Dragons by Catharine Wilson, Ontario Handweavers and Spinners: Makeover

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