CW Awards 2018

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Complex Weavers Award ribbon for 2018 – Sarah Fortin

Embers by Kathy Bright, Fiber Arts Council of Estes: Face of Fiber

Untitled scarf by Lestra Hazel, Michigan League of Handweavers: Biennial Fiber Show

X and O by Rebecca Juliette-Duex, Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance: Spotlight on Student Fiber Trends

Ancient Iranian Tilework by Cindie Kitchin, Weaving Guilds of Oregon: Color Gone Wild

Bold Deflections by Peg MacMorris, Northern Colorado Weavers Guild: Fiber Celebration

Tablet Woven Triptych by John Mullarkey, Handweavers Guild of America: Convergence Yardage Show

Untitled fabric by Ginette Reid, Association des Tisserands du Québec: ATQ Conference

Snowflake Twill by Carla Ross, Northern Colorado Weavers Guild: Colorado Weavers Day

Untitled scarf by Nancy Shiffrin, Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers: Celebration of Fibers

Planning the Revolution by Deborah Silver, Complex Weavers: Complexity

Foliage with Iris by Teena Tuenge, Western North Carolina Fibers/Handweavers Guild: Blue Ridge Fiber Show

Hidden Evergreens by Catharine Wilson, Huronia Handweavers Guild: Seasons – To Everything there is a Season

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