Selected Works

Mimi Anderson Ruby, Ruby
Cally Booker Lost Ice
Susan Bowman Desert Sky
Su Butler Rainy Day
Inge Dam Child’s World
Karen Donde Black Feathers
Suzy Furness Dawn to Dusk
Which part of the whole (fig tree, ocean, earth) doesn’t need our care?
Do NOT use images of flowers for assessment.
Brenda Gibson Cityscape Reflections
Robin Haller Gravity of Reality
Bonnie Inouye Celebration in Venice
Wendy Landry Identity
Molly McLaughlin Fireflies and Jellyfish
Jennifer Moore Parquet Permutations I
Wendy Morris Making It Mine
Sandra Rude The Sea in My Dream
Alice Schlein Dubious Alphabet
Pink Harlequin
Deborah Silver Planning the Revolution
Norma Smayda Desert Flower
Lynn Smetko No Secrets
Susie Taylor Untitled (W17 BW Stripes X)
Barbara J. Walker Paracas
Lesley Willcock Tuscan Sunset
Carol Wooten Napa Valley Vineyard