CW Award Information

The Complex Weavers Award is provided as an encouragement for weavers to push the boundaries of weaving.  The Award focusses  on excellence in weaving with specific application of a threading draft or structure to achieve a complex interlacement of threads and fibers beyond plain weave. There is no requirement that the pieces must be woven on a designated number of shafts or on a multiple shaft loom.

In return, CW asks for a description of the piece and a slide and/or photograph that will be copied for the new slide kit, for the gallery on the website and the archives.

A short article for the CW Journal would be appreciated.  Each award comes with a certificate and a cherished ribbon featuring the Complex Weavers logo woven by Lillian Whipple.  The  streamers for the 2012 award were woven by Sandy Hutton.

For more information, contact the First Vice President.