Japanese Textiles

Bonnie Inouye bonnieinouye@yahoo.com,
Currently no fee. $4 will be due when treasury depleted (We no longer mail packets to participants every year, so expenses are minimal. )
2 newsletters/year, April and October
Sample Exchange:
One mandatory contribution of article, samples, or designs per year.
To Join:
E-mail the chair listed above.
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Unlimited, currently 7

Shown: Omeshi nuitori shisyu bird and blooms.  This tough double-faced omeshi silk from a kimono has a warp and weft of alternating red and black.  The pattern is jacquard woven, with red flowers on a black ground (reversed on the back).  The bird has white silk and gold metallic threads added in a supplemental weft technique called “nuitori shishu” that looks very much like embroidery.  Fabrics like this were very popular in the 1950’s through 1970’s.

We are fascinated by the range and depth of Japanese textiles, from the simplest to the most complex. We focus on learning as much as possible from the study of Japanese textiles of any era and sharing our research and applications. The group is open to members of CW who are weavers of any level and to non-weavers who are interested and willing to contribute to the topic. We are not experts but merely fellow learners. There will be no teaching section in the newsletter, just your contributions. Each member is required to contribute one on-topic article, sample set and/or design set each year. They will sign up in advance for the April or October newsletter (due April 15 and October 15 respectively). Contributions will be sent as .pdf files (or equivalent) or in the case of samples via postal mail to arrive in time by the deadline. In the case of physical samples, notify the chairperson and send him or her enough copies for the entire group plus a library copy.  By joining the group, members agree to give permission for a CD of the group’s newsletters to be kept in the library for back-up and possible circulation to CW members only. We have a private Yahoo! Group listserve for discussion and Yahoo! web site where members may post links and photos, and references to on-line materials may be made.