Jacquard Study Group

$5.00/year (US funds) for all, due in October
Two newsletters per year, distributed online; email discussion list.
Sample Exchange:
one newsletter contribution per year required (.pdf or .rtf) due Nov. 15 or May 15.
To Join:
E-mail the chair listed above.
Group Began:
Closing Date:
no limit

The Jacquard Study Group is an on-line group with the goal of furthering individual knowledge and increasing participation in jacquard design and weaving. Participants need only be seriously interested in exchanging ideas for the purpose of learning more about jacquard weaving. Suitable topics for newsletter contributions include, but are not limited to, discoveries, new approaches, weaves, references, history, technical problems and/or solutions, to name a few. Topics related to both hand and industrial jacquard weaving are suitable.

The group uses an Internet mailing list to facilitate communication, and a password-protected web site to publish newsletter contributions and other jacquard-related reference materials. Access to the mailing list archives and to web site is available only to study group members.

Study group members must contribute at least one article a year for inclusion in the on-line newsletter, with submission deadlines of November 15 and May 15. Additional contributions are always welcome. Once sufficient newsletter contributions have accumulated, a CD of Jacquard Study Group newsletters is made as backup for the Complex Weavers Library.

Newsletter articles should be submitted in either Portable Document Format (for reading in Adobe Acrobat) or Rich Text Format (for conversion to Portable Document Format). Each page of a newsletter article must include the name of the writer, the title of the article, the date, the page number, and copyright information.

The annual fee for membership in the group is $5 in US funds, renewable each October. This fee covers the cost of printing and preparing copies of newsletters, as well as  backup CD’s, and mailing them to the Complex Weavers Libraries and Archives.

Jacquard Additional Req.:Computer: An Internet mailing list is available for group communication.

Inquiries about joining the Jacquard Study Group should be directed to the Chair, whose email address is above.