Double Harness

Jette Vandermeiden, Jan Zindel,
None however if any member requires items to be mailed then recompense will be required.
Commitment to group: On going interaction on Yahoo site. (see comment below). Members must have a Yahoo account.
To Join:
Contact one of the chairs listed above. You must be a current member of CW.
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Closing Date:
New members may join anytime.

About the group.

Currently closed. Founded in 1987, this is the oldest Complex Weavers study group.

It is open to any Complex Weavers member with an interest in double harness weaving including all forms of drawloom weaving (damask, opphampta and other techniques that one would expect). It also includes simple looms that use an additional means of storing pattern such as those with horizontal and vertical storage systems e.g. S E Asia, South America, some European countries.

Weavers experience ranges from the newest double harness weaver through to the very experienced. It also includes those without a double harness loom but with an interest in textiles produced by this process.


To promote on-going discussion on any aspect of weaving with a double harness.

To encourage the development and understanding of weaving on a double harness loom.

To provide a forum where all members contribute on a mutual respect basis. We are all members with equal say. There are no teachers. We are all enthusiasts with an equal voice.

How the group works.

The group is only as strong as its members and the contribution by each member.

Members are encouraged to contribute on a regular basis: monthly is something to aspire to. We recognize that double harness weaving is not fast work so we do not expect a new project to be completed each month. However some weavers are more productive than others and may finish a project on a monthly basis and so will have something to report on each month. For those who may only produce one item a year or join the group purely from an academic perspective or even purely from an interest in the topic, there are other ways to contribute. Here are some ideas:

  • On-going comments on a long term project.
  • Discussion on looms and weaving equipment pertinent to double harness weaving.
  • A report or brief comment on an article, a fabric (hand woven or commercial), an event, the use of a cloth, something one has seen, a book, a web site.
  • An idea for a project
  • Questions on a technique or concept or on any aspect. It can be from the most basic through to the more technically challenging. No one should be afraid to ask a question.
  • Replies to questions raised. No one should be afraid to answer a question. We all were beginners once and this is how we learn.
  • In fact anything about double harness weaving will be appropriate.

While tallies are not kept on the number of times any member contributes, if it is noted that a member never does so, they will be asked whether they want to retain membership and whether they are still interested. Sometimes it is easy to sign up for something and lose interest. Let us know if you are no longer interested and your name can be removed. We do not want to be an annoyance with undesired study group communications. It is however a requirement of the group that members do contribute.

Contribution to the Complex Weavers Journal.

Occasionally, the group is asked to submit articles for the journal. We would encourage members to submit.  Articles may be written by individuals or as a joint effort between several members.

About the Yahoo site

The group files on Yahoo hold topics discussed, photos and group resources. Aspects on file include reference materials, indexes of publications and magazine articles, notes on loom design and modifications, drafts, instructions and technical aspects.