Double Harness

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Founded in 1987, the Double Harness Study Group is for weavers with an interest in damask, drawlooms and double-harness weaving. Members vary widely in both ability and experience, ranging from very experienced weavers to those who do not yet have a drawloom, and including all levels in between.

We launched an annual sample exchange in 2015 with good success for a first round, which bodes well for the future. Participation in the exchange is voluntary, and as the exchange is digital, there’s no need to weave samples for every participant and no mailing costs. Weaving with a double harness is not fast work, so this approach is both welcome and promising.

Group newsletters are published on an irregular basis. Members are encouraged to contribute articles, photos, drafts, or simply news of their weaving and studies. Questions about weaving and using double harness looms are always welcome. No drawloom experience is required, nor is ownership of a drawloom.

In addition to the newsletter, members have contact with each other via a private Yahoo Group (required) where they can share their current weaving and ask for help and advice. Activity is intermittent, but we are now a fairly large group with wide-ranging skills, and the conversations are always interesting.

The group files on Yahoo hold photos shared by our members, and also group resources that include bibliographies, indexes of magazine articles, notes on loom design and modifications, and special instructions of interest to new and returning drawloom weavers.

Membership in this study group is open and not limited by anything but genuine interest.