Collapse, Pleat and Bump

Marcia Kosmerchock (membership and sample exchange), Stacey Harvey-Brown (newsletter)
$15 for everyone (US Funds)
One newsletter per year in November
Sample Exchange:
One per year in May
To Join:
Contact Marcia Kosmerchock above before July
Group Began:
March 2003
Closing Date:
Limited to 25. The study group year runs from September through to July. Existing members are able to renew for the next year in July, and any spaces will be offered to those on the waiting list in the order in which they asked to join.

Cotton and colcolastic ruffle collar, woven by Roelie Schouten

It is possible to weave a piece of fabric that will take on an entirely different appearance once removed from the loom and finished, collapsing in upon itself, pleats, bumps – anything but flat.  The Collapse, Pleat, and Bump Study Group explores the different ways these effects can be achieved, whether it is from over twisted fibers, weave structure, different shrinkage rates, or a combination of these and other factors.

The Collapse, Pleat, and Bump Study Group has one newsletter per year published in November.  The newsletter is posted on a Yahoo group web site to be downloaded by members.  Participants are required to contribute one newsletter article per year.  A mandatory sample exchange with complete write up of the sample process is due in May.  An on-line discussion group is available through Yahoo.  All levels of weavers are welcome.  Just come with curiosity and a desire to learn more about fabrics that Collapse, Pleat, and Bump.

Membership is limited to 25.  Dues are payable in July and August, and new members are welcome then if space is available.