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White Noise

June 16 – 19, Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, Illinois

At registration you will be invited to select one seminar for each time slot. Almost all sessions have unlimited enrollment. In the few cases where a maximum limit does apply and you are not successful in obtaining your first choice, you will have the option to join a waitlist and to select a second choice class.

Online registration will guarantee your space at Seminars. Your final class list will be sent to you by the Registrar by March 31, 2016. Seminars fill quickly, register early!

Friday June 17 AM

100 Simple Velvet Bands – Wendy Landry
101 Double Weave Pleats (Full) – Sara Nordling
102 Silken Pursuits – Ruth MacGregor
103 Single Color Designing – Peggy Hart
104 Tablet Weaving: Not Just for Squares – John Mullarkey

Friday June 17 PM

200 Dobby to Digital: 40 Years of Evolution In Woven Textile Design
– Patrice George
201 Principles of Design (Full) – Sara Nordling
202 Through the Long Eye of the Heddle – Kati Meek
203 Breaking Murphy’s Law: A Guide to Presenting Presentable Presentations – Barbara Walker
204 The History of Scottish Tartans – Melissa Weaver Dunning

Saturday June 18 AM

300 Lampas Unleashed (Full) – Alice Schlein
301 Constructing Complex Liftplans in Photoshop – Tien Chiu
302 The Summer and Winter Drafts of Weaver Rose (Full)
Norma Smayda
303 The Ins and Outs and Throughs of Ply-Splitting Design
– Barbara Walker
304 Tablet Woven Borders and Selvages – Inge Dam

Saturday June 18 PM

400 The Creative Habit – Leslie Kileen
401 The Complexity of Crimp Cloth – Dianne Totten
402 Fun with Interleaved Threadings (Full) – Sandra Rude
403 Threading and Turning Defined Patterns – Inge Dam
404 Every Loom Has a Story – Florence Feldman-Wood

Sunday June 19 AM

500 Polychrome Velvet Techniques – Wendy Landry
501 Experimenting with Aspect Ratio (Proportions in Woven Fabric) – Sara von Tresckow
502 Using Photoshop to Design Tied Weave Liftplans – Su Butler
503 West African Strip Cloth – Peggy Hart
504 Tablet Weaving: Coptic Band Designing – John Mullarkey

Sunday June 19 PM

600 Structural 3-D Weaving on Your Loom – Sally Eyring
601 Color Interaction for Handweavers – Su Butler
602 Two Times Two Equals More Than Four – Brenda Gibson
603 Acadian Weaving from Canada to Louisiana – Melissa Weaver Dunning
604 Beyond Scarves and Shawls: Planning Cloth
– Linda Van Andel and Julie Hurd