Wendy Landry

Wendy LandryWendy has been weaving since 1973. Over the past 20 years, her main research focus has been velvet weaving, its history and its practice. She has presented some of this research in several venues, including Convergence 2002, Complex Weavers Seminars 2002, Ars Textrina 2005, Textile Society of America Symposia 2006 and 2010, and two 3-day workshops in the province of Québec, Canada. She has concentrated on velvet weaving with readily available looms, including 4-shaft counterbalance and 16-shaft Compu-Dobby AVL looms. She is currently exploring the use of draw devices for velvet.

2016sem100 -velvet

Simple Velvet Bands

100, Friday AM

This seminar will provide a practical introduction to structures, weaving techniques, design strategies, and loom set‐ups for handwoven velvet, adapted to a variety of commonly available looms. It will cover the main principles of velvet structure on plain, twill and satin foundations, as well as how to incorporate velvet with other ground weaves. The seminar will include cut and uncut techniques, figured (voided) velvet, high‐low velvet, and brocaded velvet, using a single pile warp. Loom-controlled and picked‐up patterning, as well as free‐hand cutting, will be covered. Design ideas will include discussion of materials, tones and textures, striping, and ikat or chine pile warp patterning. Simple loom extensions and pile warp weighting methods will be discussed.

Polychrome Velvet Techniques

500, Sunday AM

This seminar will discuss velvets in which two or more coloured warps are used to orchestrate complexly-coloured pile designs. Both loom-controlled and pick-up methods will be covered. The techniques and structures introduced will suit looms with four shafts and up. Design ideas will include counterchange and using striped warps for the exact placement of colours. Methods of shading and colour mixing using both the cut and uncut colour tones of the pile will be covered. There will also be reference to designing coloured structures using weaving software, Photoshop, Stitch Painter, and symmetry software.