Tien Chiu

Tien ChiuTien discovered weaving in 2006 and promptly fell in love. She loves weaving imagery on multi-shaft looms, and develops most of her drafts using Photoshop. In 2011, her Kodachrome Jacket was featured on the cover of Handwoven, and her handwoven wedding dress is part of the permanent collection at the American Textile History Museum, where it was displayed in their 2013 exhibit Behind the Veil: Brides and their Stories. She has been published in Complex Weavers Journal and Handwoven, and is co-founder of Weavolution, a social networking site for handweavers. Tien is writing a book about the creative process in craft, scheduled to be published in 2016.

2016sem301-sea turtles-2

Constructing Complex Liftplans in Photoshop

301, Saturday AM

While there are many resources for developing dobby drafts in Photoshop, most often on a straight draw or double two-tie threading, discussions of drafts using more complex threadings are harder to find. What if you want to use a more complicated threading or develop a more complex liftplan? This seminar discusses tools and methods for creating complex liftplans. We will look at using divided liftplans to develop drafts with parallel threadings or tied weaves with complex patterning in the ties (such as double weave on a divided parallel threading, or tied weaves with network-drafted ties). We will also explore using Photoshop masks to develop a draft with multiple wefts alternating in a complex order.

2016sem301 -begin the scarf