Su Butler

Su ButlerSu earned her B.F.A. in Fibers/Watercolor painting from University of Northern Colorado. The interlacement of yarn, color interaction and creating unique fabric has continued to intrigue her. Su teaches for guilds and conferences across the USA and Canada and leads the CW Tied Weaves Study Group. She has written widely: Understanding Rayon Chenille (2002), and numerous articles published in CW Journal, Handwoven and Weavers. Additionally, she is currently working hard on her next book, Understanding Tied Weaves. Su is currently the CW Liaison for Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa, and has served on the CW Board and many guild boards around the country.

 2016sem502-Tied Weave

Using Photoshop to Design Tied Weave Liftplans

502, Sunday AM

Many weavers are using Photoshop or other software to design their woven items. Su uses Photoshop in a unique way, along with Fiberworks PCW software to design her flowing designs. Seminar participants will learn how to design lovely curves and then translate them into tied weaves of any kind.

2016sem601-color interaction

Color Interaction for Handweavers

601, Sunday PM

Traditional color theory applied to the unique 3-D quality of handweaving can be difficult to apply. This lecture and discussion allows participants to acquire some new tools and learn some very practical ideas for working with color in woven form. Participants are encouraged to bring their color questions!