Sara Nordling

Sara NordlingSara has been weaving for over 20 years. She loves to explore structures, and sees weaving as not only utilitarian but as an art form. At a crossroads in her life, Sara returned to school for an M.F.A in studio art/textiles from Indiana University. While not needing the M.F.A to be an accomplished weaver, Sara felt it necessary to pursue the degree to help her find her voice as an artist. Sara currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she weaves and is a limited term lecturer in studio art (drawing, painting, design) at Indiana University/Purdue University, Fort Wayne.

Double Weave Pleats (Full)

101, Friday AM

Including a surface element in the form of a pleat can add an exciting component to your weaving. This seminar will cover basic drafts and requirements, creative possibilities, and tips and tricks learned from a prolonged exploration of this structure. It is a double weave fabric with warps of two different lengths. Requiring as little as four shafts and two back beams (one can be improvised), the possibilities for exploration of surface elements are endless.


Principles of Design (Full)

201, Friday PM

A teacher of design principles at the university level, who is also long time weaver, will take you through some of the general elements and principles of design and how they can enrich the weavings you create. Using the elements of texture, line, shape, format and color we will look at how to create emphasis, balance, movement, economy, unity, variety, rhythm, proportion, and repetition. The class will explore both woven examples and concepts that will add to your weaving.