Leslie Killeen

Leslie KilleenLeslie has been weaving since the mid-70s. She is self-taught, has taken numerous workshops, and has completed the Boston Weavers’ Guild Apprentice and Journeyman ratings. Working on an eight-shaft computer-assisted loom, she uses the number of shafts as a challenge to create complex-looking cloth. She has taught at guilds, at NEWS (1995, 2015), and at Convergence (2004, 2006). Her collaborations were accepted for the juried fashion shows for both of these events. Leslie’s work has been published in SS&D, the Handwoven Design Collections, Weavers, Handwoven, CW Greatest Hits 2000, Complex Weavers Journals and Interlaced: The Weavers’ Guild of Boston Celebrates 90 Years of Friendship and Education.


The Creative Habit

400, Saturday AM

We will explore the creative process through the eyes of the highly acclaimed choreographer/dancer Twyla Tharp, using information gleaned from her book The Creative Habit—Learn it and Use it for Life. Going to other fields can help get a different perspective into our own discipline. Techniques used by Tharp are equally suitable to the fiber world as to her dance world. A lecture and slide presentation will include how making one-of-a-kind vests has provided an avenue for my creativity. The use of making miniature paper vests in my design process will be demonstrated. If participants desire, they can make their own miniature vest.

NewMexicoVest paper vests