Inge Dam

Inge DamInge is the author of Tablet-Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics: Contemporary Uses for Ancient Techniques. She has taught workshops in the US, Canada, and England, and taught for Convergence and Complex Weavers Seminars. She has won many awards for her work and her work has appeared in Weavers, Handwoven, Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, and Fibre Focus. She weaves on a 32-shaft Louet Megado dobby loom and specializes in weaving unique garments. In most of her garments she incorporates tablet weaving and other embellishments.

Threading and Turning Defined Patterns

403, Saturday PM

2016sem403-threading-turningThe seminar will explore the versatility of tablet weaving and how it can be applied into finished projects or as embellishments on woven items. The history of tablet weaving will be presented. Participants will become familiar with the tools and the best yarn to use for specific projects. They will learn the difference between threading-defined patterns and turning-defined patterns, two different warping methods, how to read and thread the cards for a threading-defined pattern, and how to design an original pattern. They will also be introduced to turning defined patterns, tablet weaving techniques such as warp-twined tablet weaving, regular double-faced tablet weaving, and how to design original patterns for regular double-faced tablet weaving so that motifs can be woven.

Tablet Woven Borders and Selvages

304, Saturday AM

2016sem304-TabletBandsThrough her studies of ancient textiles and costumes Inge became fascinated with the different tablet woven borders and edges that were used. These borders and selvages could be tablet woven borders (woven simultaneously with a piece of fabric on the loom or added after the fabric was finished), tubular selvages, or twisted cord selvages. Participants will be introduced to such borders and selvages through a brief historical review. A demonstration will be given of a tablet border being woven simultaneously with a piece of fabric on the loom. Participants will learn how to avoid tension problems between the border warp and the fabric warp, and how to accommodate for the differences in the take-up of the two weaves. They will learn how to add embellishments, such as tassels, twining, beads, etc., to the tablet woven border.