Brenda Gibson

Brenda GibsonBrenda is largely a self-taught weaver who became deeply absorbed in weaving since retirement from her professional financial career. Early on in her weaving life, when she was trying to push the boundaries of an eight-shaft table loom, she discovered the magic of double two-tie threadings, and continues to exploit these now that she has 24 shafts at her disposal. Brenda is a keen member of two CW study groups: Collapse, Pleat & Bump and, more recently, the Sixteens. She regularly teaches weaving classes to weavers with a wide range of levels and has given workshops on double cloth, Fiberworks-PCW weaving software, and regular spinning.

Two Times Two Equals More Than Four

602, Sunday PM

This session will explore the many weave possibilities of double two-tie threading systems, which offer a huge “bang for buck” in terms of the versatility of designs that can be woven on one warp without the need to rethread between different pieces. A double two-tie threading can also be very economical on shafts compared to straight-entry threading. The resulting weave categories include twills (both conventional and plaited/ braided twills), colour and weave effects, double weave and textures. The double two-tie system may be applied both to blocks and to single units in straight runs or points. There will be be an illustrated PowerPoint presentation, use of Fiberworks-PCW software to create drafts, with a selection of items and samples I have woven using double two-tie threadings.