Alice Schlein

Alice SchleinAlice has been weaving and teaching since the 1960s, is the author of Network Drafting: An Introduction, The Liftplan Connection, and co-author of The Woven Pixel, and was a contributing editor to Weavers. She blogs about weaving and bookmaking at, and weaves in her South Carolina studio on dobby looms and a TC-1 (Jacquard). Alice claims never to have encountered a weave structure she doesn’t like; lampas is her current favorite.


Lampas Unleashed (Full)

300, Saturday AM

Lampas 1 Lampas 2 Lampas 3Lampas, a compound cloth, has been used for elaborate patterning since the 13th century, and has much to offer today’s multi-shaft weaver. It is excellent for showcasing a special yarn and creates a sturdy cloth. Using any weave software, create a virtual lampas for control of the individual layers, and then convert this draft to a liftplan to send to your dobby or table loom for weaving. Explore the many lampas structure variations for two or more wefts. Work with blocks or network drafting to create lampas with curves and other fanciful designs. For eight shafts and above, with mechanical or computer-assisted dobbies or table looms; Jacquard weavers welcome, too. Unleash your lampas!