Seminar Leaders

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Linda Van Andel and Julie Hurd

  • Beyond Scarves and Shawls: Planning Cloth

Su Butler

  • Using Photoshop to Design Tied Weave Liftplans
  • Color Interaction for Handweavers

Tien Chiu

  • Constructing Complex Liftplans in Photoshop

Inge Dam

  • Tablet Woven Borders and Selvages
  • Threading and Turning Defined Patterns

Melissa Weaver Dunning

  • Acadian Weaving from Canada to Louisiana
  • The History of Scottish Tartans

Sally Eyring

  • Structural 3-D Weaving on Your Loom

Florence Feldman-Wood

  • Every Loom Has a Story

Patrice George

  • Dobby to Digital: 40 Years of Evolution in Woven Textile Design

Brenda Gibson

  • Two Times Two Equals more than Four

Peggy Hart

  • West African Strip Cloth
  • Single Color Designing

Leslie Killeen

  • The Creative Habit

Wendy Landry

  • Simple Velvet Bands
  • Polychrome Velvet Techniques

Ruth MacGregor

  • Silken Pursuits

Kati Meek

  • Through the Long Eye of the Heddle

John Mullarkey

  • Tablet Weaving: Coptic Band Designing
  • Tablet Weaving: Not just for Squares

Sara Nordling

  • Double Weave Pleats (Full)
  • Principles of Design (Full)

Sandra Rude

  • Fun with Interleaved Threadings (Full)

Alice Schlein

  • Lampas Unleashed (Full)

Norma Smayda

  • The Summer & Winter Drafts of Weaver Rose (Full)

Dianne Totten

  • The Complexity of Crimp Cloth

Sara von Tresckow

  • Experimenting with Aspect Ratio: (Proportions in Woven Fabric)

Barbara Walker

  • Breaking Murphy’s Law: A Guide to Presenting Presentable Presentations
  • The Ins and Outs and Throughs of Ply-Splitting Design