Poster Sessions

Seminars 2016 logo

White Noise

June 16 – 19

Pheasant Run Resort

St. Charles, Illinois


Poster Sessions are an exciting new feature at Complex Weavers Seminars 2016. They provide a way for members to share and discuss their current research. A member presenter prepares a poster containing the information to be shared, and the poster will be on display during CW 2016 Seminars. Poster sessions provide an agreeable ‘mini-seminar’ format for a meeting of minds. They are not remunerated. Poster session receptions will be highlighted at Pheasant Run Resort concurrent to Complexity at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center. Receptions will be held at both events.

The ‘What’ and ‘How’ of Poster Sessions

A poster session is a poster display on your current weaving passion. It can be a new weaving idea, a technique you’d like to share, or simply something on which you’d like feedback. Do you have a book in progress? Or new research you’d like to unveil? Tell us about it. Complex Weavers are a generous, creative bunch, and there are marvelously talented persons who attend Seminars. This is an excellent chance to build momentum on your project. Posters can be hung exhibiting your ideas. We will have note paper available for comments and questions that CW 2016 participants may ask or suggest. You want to leave your name or be available to discuss at meals or on your private time. Posters are expected to be picked up by the author at the end of the event. We will not be able to return these items by mail.

How to Submit a Poster Session

This opportunity is open to all CW2016 conference registrants. There is no screening or jurying for this part of CW 2016 Seminars and no reimbursement. Criteria are that the topic is weaving-related and that it is your own work. Just keep in mind that poster sizes are limited to 22″X 28″. CW Members are asked to send us a note saying they would like to present a Poster Session. Once you are registered, you are in! Make sure you confirm with to verify you have registered. We will accept poster requests until we run out of space.