Sheila O’Hara

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New World Technology Meets Old World Handweaving



Handweaving has become the lucky beneficiary of the computer age as the dream of individual thread control becomes more accessible. Weavers, once thrilled with computer assisted dobby looms, are searching out Jacquard hand-looms for exploration. Slides of artwork by contemporary  weavers from around the world will be included as well as process slides from O’Hara’s experiences in Egypt and Italy. Enjoy an informative and entertaining lecture about the creation of handwoven Jacquard weavings.

Since graduating from California College of Arts in Oakland, CA, in 1976, Sheila O’Hara has captured imaginary and humorous landscapes in her unique handwoven dobby and handwoven Jacquard tapestries. Her artworks are collected by museums and private clients and are exhibited nationally and internationally. Articles on her creative tapestries have been published in many books, magazines, and newspapers. Sheila’s entertaining lectures and workshops have been given in Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

www.sheilaohara.comGlobal Healing c-2012 57-x-20-inches--handwoven-jacquard-tapestry_OKonocti Twilight c2013-19x20-jacquard-tapestry