Madelyn van der Hoogt


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How Complex Weaves Changed My Life

White Noise


Madelyn shares the inside story of her path in weaving (including her stumbles and falls). Her path parallels the changes in the weaving world that have occurred since the 1980s—changes that have affected us all.

vdHM_OMadelyn van der Hoogt first learned to weave on a backstrap loom in Guatemala. From that introduction grew a passion for textiles, weaving, and looms. She was editor of Weaver’s magazine from 1986 to 1999 and Handwoven from 1999 to 2012. She is the author of The Complete Book of Drafting, editor of the Best of Weaver’s Series, and workshop instructor in four videos, Warping Your LoomWeaving Well, Block Weaves, and Lace Weaves. Madelyn teaches weaving at The Weavers’ School in Coupeville, Washington, and workshops world-wide. She was president of the Complex Weavers in the late 1980s.