Sheila O’Hara


Since graduating from California College of Arts in Oakland, CA, in 1976, Sheila O’Hara has captured imaginary and humorous landscapes in her unique handwoven dobby and handwoven Jacquard tapestries. Her artworks are collected by museums and private clients and are exhibited nationally and internationally. Articles on her creative tapestries have been published in many books, magazines, and newspapers. Sheila’s entertaining lectures and workshops have been given in Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United States.




Add Spring & Fall to Summer & Winter Weaves

102 Saturday AM

The Summer and Winter weave structure lends itself to creative designs including geometric and figurative patterns in a reversible fabric. Learn the drafting basics so that you can develop your own patterns with eight or more shafts using different tie-downs to alter the appearance of the fabric. Learn how to enhance your designs by using multiple colors in the warp as well as in the weft to add Spring and Fall to your future weaving projects.  Intermediate to advanced—drafting knowledge required.

Sheila O'Hara - "Doggie Bag"                 Sheila O'Hara - "Doggies"  Summer & Winter without tabby                 Sheila O'Hara - 3-Weft Summer & Winter Towel                Sheila O'Hara - 3 wefts

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Drafting & Designing for Multiple Warp Twill Weaving

522 Monday AM

Now is your chance to get drafting and designing experience in the unique multiple warp weave structure that Sheila O’Hara has been developing since 1976.  Artwork and reversible functional items can be created using simple elegant loom controlled designs or more complex imagery using a pick-up technique. Drafting is explained for both 8 and 16 shafts, adaptable to 24–40 shafts. An entertaining and informative slide lecture covers the development of Sheila’s tapestries from an AVL 16-shaft CompuDobby loom to Jacquard hand looms. Students will be inspired to make warps with more than three colors & learn to laugh at weaving jokes.  Intermediate to advanced—drafting knowledge required.

 Sheila O'Hara - Multiple Twill 8-Shaft Reversible Scarg                Sheila O'Hara - Multiple Twill 16-Shaft Reversible Scarg                Sheila O'Hara - Tanabata                Sheila O'Hara - Tanabata on loom