Ruth MacGregor

MacGregorR_ORuth is among those weavers who are embellishment-challenged.  A longtime handspinner and inveterate band weaver, she has recently turned her attention to structures that can fascinate, but also embellish.  She has authored several articles and two books (Learn to Spin Silk, and Getting Started with Tablet Weaving) and maintains a website chronicling her various experiments.  She teaches workshops at fiber and craft shows throughout the year in the UK and Ireland.




Beyond the Fringe

104 Saturday AM

Some of us are not naturally gifted for embellishment.  We know, use, and appreciate interesting structures, but when it comes to adding a decorative touch to an otherwise-finished item, we draw a blank.  Twisted or otherwise, a fringe is often not enough.  What to do?

Drawing inspiration from ethnic and historical sources, this seminar presents options for finishes ‘beyond the fringe’.  On the agenda: wrappings, twined edgings, hems and hemstitchings, embellishments, bobbles, knots, inclusions, braids, bands, tassels, and needleworked constructions.  Diagrams are provided for all finishes discussed. Additionally, we’ll look at ways to use old textiles, tassels and other objects as starting points for designing end finishes.

These finishing structures are useful for many applications:  handwoven garments, table linens, wall hangings, belts and bands, neckpieces, bags, baskets, woven jewelry, and other personal adornments. The array of end-finish structures will be accompanied by samples, old and new, for hands-on examination.

Ruth MacGregor - Bark Cloth     Ruth MacGregor - Canopy Detail     Ruth MacGregor - Bobble Tassel     Ruth MacGregor