Patrice George

GeorgeP_OPatrice is an Assistant Professor in Textile Development and Marketing, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC.  She is also an MA candidate in Fashion and Textile History: Museum Studies, Fashion Institute of Technology, expected degree date May 2014.  BA, University of Michigan, History of Art, 1970. Patrice founded Patrice George Designs in 1979, a textile studio in NYC specializing in design for dobby and jacquard woven textiles for the interior textile industry.  She has been a consultant to cottage industry and handweaving projects sponsored by UNIDO, CARE, and other NGO’s in Jamaica, Laos, and Mexico.




Weaving with Light & Air: Leno & Gauze Structures

Patrice George - Leno315 Sunday AM

Leno, a woven fabric with widely spaced ends that do not slip, requires a modified heddle system that allows warps to “twist” around wefts.  Seminar participants learn how to make and design with leno doups. These can easily be added to any type of loom and used to make lightweight fabrics for curtains, scarves, shawls, and lightweight garments. How to combine leno with complimentary and alternative structures, and setups for looms with 4-24 shafts, is discussed. Examples of leno and gauze weaves are presented in traditional fabrics from Japan, India, and South America, as well as industrially woven “super-doup” fabrics that use multiple shafts to combine complex textures with open spaces.