Linda Davis

DavisL_OLinda has been weaving since 1974. She has a keen interest in color and weave structures taking her design inspiration from western landscapes and ethnic iconography, she produces one-of-a-kind weavings for exhibits and commissions. Linda’s teaching experience includes workshops and seminars on block design, tied weaves, and tartans. Linda is past editor of the Complex Weavers Journal and is currently co-leader of the CW Bateman Weaves Study Group, now in its third year. She is also immediate past president of the Association of Northwest Weavers’ Guilds and has been its webmaster for several years.




Bateman—The Basics and Beyond

Linda Davis - Park Weave Throw

206 Saturday PM

Dr. William Bateman was an inventor of eight shaft threading systems that produce what appear to be complex weave structures.  The Bateman Weaves were analyzed and summarized in six monographs by Virginia Harvey.  The most commonly known are the Park and Boulevard weaves, but there are several more.  And now, with weaving software and multishaft looms, there are possibilities beyond what Dr. Bateman might have imagined.  What exactly are these weaves and what makes them unique from others?  This seminar is both an introduction and a teaser to “look beyond the basics.” Examples from the Bateman Weaves Study Group are included.