Laura Fry

FryL_OLaura has been a production weaver for over 35 years, weaving for a fashion designer, fabric for ethnic costumes, upholstery for vintage cars, as well as textiles for the home and fashion accessories.  She achieved the Master Weaver Certificate as granted by the Guild of Canadian Weavers and subsequently published Magic in the Water; wet finishing handwovens.  She has written articles for magazines and self-published other weaving topics. WHITE NOISE




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A Good Yarn

Laura Fry - A Good Yarn524 Monday AM

This seminar looks at fibre characteristics, how preparation for and spinning affects those characteristics, and how the weaver can further modify them during weaving.  Having a basic understanding of their materials allows weavers to make appropriate choices in order to fully develop cloth that suits their purposes. The seminar is illustrated with a Power Point presentation and samples of yarns and fabric.