Judith Yamamoto


At the age of 40, Judith discovered what she was really going to be when she grew up, by taking a beginning weaving course at Sievers School of Fiber Arts. Soon she opened her own business, Yamamoto fiber designs, featuring one-of-a-kind and limited edition handwoven garments. Judith teaches and writes about weaving and related topics. Her work has appeared in HandwovenWeaver’s and the Complex Weavers Journal. She lives on Washington Island, in the north end of Lake Michigan, where she teaches at Sievers and indulges in weaving and other passions, including designing polymer clay buttons for her handwoven garments, and her most recent passion, embroidering Japanese temari.




Sensitizing your Color Receptors

314 Sunday AM

Color is a little like cooking – there’s always room to expand your knowledge, no matter how much work you’ve already done. This seminar explores the use of color in weaving, beginning with the basics of color theory as expounded by Sir Isaac Newton and the French Impressionists. Then we extend the theory to practical exercises, analyzing colors in magazine illustrations, art reproductions, or natural objects (birchbark, feathers, stones). Participants leave with suggestions for color studies to be conducted as a follow-on at home.