Gudrun Polak


Gudrun Polak had been a weaver for many years before she developed a passion for card weaving. She is convinced that there is magic in the cards. In 2008 she presented two seminars at the Complex Weavers Conference. Her patterns and ideas have been published in the Complex Weavers Journal, Handwoven, STRANDS, TWIST, and on her website, The Loomy Bin.




Design Challenge in Tablet Weaving: Bands with no ‘other’ side

Gudrun Polak - Card Weaving627 Monday PM

Designing card woven bands that have attractive patterns on both sides is a challenge if you don’t want to use the double-faced methods. This problem has been of interest to Gudrun from the moment that someone picked up one of her bands in class, turned it over, and put it down with great disappointment. Learn about different techniques and classes of patterns that have an interesting pattern one side and something equally interesting on the other side. The patterns may be very similar or very different. Options for bands that are fairly thick, suitable as straps for tote bags or fairly thin, suitable as book marks, are both covered.

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