Brenda Gibson


Brenda is largely a self-taught weaver who became deeply absorbed in weaving since retiring from her professional financial career. Her passion for pleats developed quite early on when she was trying to push the boundaries of an eight-shaft table loom, and it continues now that she has 24 shafts. Brenda is a keen member of the CW Collapse, Pleat, & Bump Study Group whose inspiration and influence she gladly acknowledges. She regularly teaches weaving classes to a wide range of levels and has given workshops on double cloth, Fiberworks-PCW weaving software, and regular spinning workshops.




All About Pleats

All About Pleats312 Sunday AM

This seminar provides an overview of several very different methods to create pleats, consolidating information and inspirational examples from a range of sources. Types of pleats covered are structural—including furrows, sharp pleats, double cloth pleats— warp-based and weft-based woven shibori; and the exploitation of active, shrinking, or thermoplastic yarn properties. Technical issues such as yarn choice, sett, on-loom gathering, special sampling, finishing techniques, and the durability of pleats is covered. The seminar also aims to inspire as the aesthetic dimensions of colour, regular/ irregular pleat widths, and symmetric/ asymmetric pleats are considered in slides and woven examples.