Bonnie Inouye


A weaver since 1967, Bonnie Inouye enjoys creating new drafts, finding new challenges, and weaving on computer-assisted looms. Flowing lines, unusual textures, intriguing color blends, and woven images characterize her award-winning textiles. She prefers non-repeating designs that read well from a distance while including details for the intimate viewer. She has written a book, Exploring Multishaft Design, and many articles for weaving magazines. Bonnie has taught for shops, guilds, and conferences in nine countries and has eagerly participated in all Complex Weavers Seminars since 1988.




Turned Polychrome Tied Weaves

416 Sunday PM

Tied weaves provide great design freedom for weavers with multishaft looms. Two pattern wefts plus a ground weft can be used to produce two-color images with a background of a third color. Turn that draft for a single shuttle weave. Compare methods and results for turned versions of polychrome double two-tie, three-tie, and summer and winter. Learn drafting methods for this warp-emphasis cloth. These are single-shuttle weaves for efficiency, often providing easier lifting than traditional weft patterning. Create scarves and yardage with pleasing drape and intriguing designs.  Advanced level: some experience with tied weaves on eight or more shafts recommended.

Bonnie Inouye - Polychrome Tied Weaves     Bonnie Inouye - Polychrome Tied Weaves     Bonnie Inouye - Polychrome Tied Weaves     Bonnie Inouye - Polychrome Tied Weaves

white noise


626 Monday PM

Two different sequences may be interleaved easily with weaving software. When and how do we use this tool? Results can show a fascinating combination of two patterns but are sometimes muddled. Two sequences, related or completely different, may be used with a variety of methods and structures. The seminar’s emphasis is on interleaved threadings. Each sequence may use all available shafts, or each may occupy dedicated shafts and a portion of the tie-up. Where do we start when choosing two threadings that are likely to give pleasing results? Is it better to accept or avoid some longer floats? Advanced level: more than eight shafts and some experience with network drafting recommended.

Bonnie Inouye - Interleave    Bonnie Inouye - Interleave Twill     Bonnie Inouye - Interleave Blanket     Bonnie Inouye - Interleave Twill