Alice Schlein


Alice is a dobby and jacquard enthusiast who has never met a weave structure she didn’t like. An internationally recognized teacher and writer, author of Network Drafting: an Introduction, and The Liftplan Connection; and co-author (with Bhakti Ziek) of The Woven Pixel: Designing for Jacquard and Dobby Looms Using Adobe Photoshop,  she weaves, writes, and makes handbound books in her Greenville, South Carolina studio, and blogs at:




Granite Rocks!

Alice Schlein - Granite209 Saturday PM

Explore granite, the family of satin-based texture weaves for dobby and jacquard. These weaves are easy to create, and can be used alone or in combination with smooth-faced weaves for stripes, block compositions, curved designs, and multi-layer cloths. Granite weaves (close cousins of crepes and corkscrew twills), are deeply textured and work well in fine threads at dense setts or in heavier yarns for blankets. Add these flexible but sturdy weaves to your bag of tricks. Granite rocks!

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Network Drafting: A New Generation

313 Sunday AM

An entire generation has passed since the publication of Masson & Roussel’s Shaft Weaving & Graph Design (1988), and Schlein’s Network Drafting: An Introduction (1994). It’s time to revisit the topic of Network Drafting for a new generation of weavers and provide a review for the Old Hands. Basic principles of Network Drafting will be covered with the help of ProWeave, Photoshop, and  plain old pencil & paper! Learn how to draft curved designs for your multishaft (8 & above) loom, and break away from the block. Network Drafting is useful for many weave structures, including twills, satins, & doubleweave.

Alice Schlein - Network Drafting            Alice Schlein - Network Drafting