Sara Nordling

Sara Nordling has an MFA in studio art/fibers from Indiana University.  She is currently teaching drawing and painting at Purdue University Fort Wayne, in Indiana.  Her work has been exhibited in textile and art shows both nationally and internationally.  Sara has taught at various workshops, conferences and guilds across the country.  While enjoying the technical side of weaving, Sara is also exploring such issues as design and creativity, realizing that a balance of both is needed to make weavings with the most impact.

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Re-Sparking Creativity

403 Tuesday PM

We all have experienced at least once, that creative spark, that excitement that keeps us awake at night because we are so enthralled with our new project. Most of us have also experienced times when nothing excites you about our work and no new ideas are coming. This workshop will give you resources for how to approach your work and keep the creative spark. Many ideas will be presented and discussed to give you a wide range of options and a stable of resources for keeping the spark alive.

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Value of Value

201 Monday PM

In some weaves, like shadow weave, it is easy to see the value of value. The structure needs a wide value range, a dark and a light thread, to make the effect work. Other than that, what good is value? The more I have begun dyeing my own yarns, the more I am coming to see value of having a wide range of values in many things I weave. In this workshop we will look at value (the inherent lightness or darkness of a hue) and its importance in weaving designs.

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