Rosalie Neilson

Rosalie Neilson loves using color and geometric design in her kumihimo and weaving, her specialty being Rep weave. She teaches throughout the United States, Canada and England with solo and group exhibits of her work, including Japan. Author of three kumihimo design books, she recently published An Exaltation of Blocks, a toolkit for weavers and designers exploring symmetric block design.

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The Power of Block Design

104 Monday AM

Block designs consist of black and white squares on grid paper, where black is considered the pattern block and white the background block. Through a PowerPoint Presentation, learn how the binary number system is used to develop the sixteen textures of 4-shaft huck lace, and how these textures are expanded to develop the definitive number of 2-block motifs. These sixteen motifs (eight 4-part symmetric and eight 2-part symmetric) become the building blocks of more elaborate patterns.

Following the lecture is a design session where weavers will develop 6-block patterns using Design Pages and Transparent Overlays from the Section One Toolkit of An Exaltation of Blocks, written and self-published by Neilson. The pages and overlays allow weavers to construct and deconstruct complex patterns following the principles of rotational symmetry. The 6-block patterns can be woven in a variety of different weave structures, depending on the number of loom shafts and the interest of each weaver.

Materials Fee: $12-$15 (depending on printer’s pricing schedule). Coil bound booklet including envelopes containing Section One Design Pages and two different styles of Transparent Overlays

Supplies for Design Session: Graph paper – 4 squares to the inch; #2 pencils or a few colored pencils; Eraser – pink pearl; Pencil sharpener; Straight edge

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