Patrice George

Patrice George is an Associate Professor in Textile Development and Marketing, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

She also founded Patrice George Designs in 1979, a textile studio in NYC specializing in design for dobby and jacquard woven textiles for the interior textile industry.

She has served as a consultant to handweaving projects sponsored by UNIDO, CARE, and other NGO’s in Jamaica, Laos, and Mexico.

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Taming Tension: Terrific Textures from Mixed Weave Structures

506 Wednesday AM

Whether weaving on a shaft loom or a jacquard loom, balancing weave structures with different interlacement properties is an essential design skill.

When two or more weave structures are combined in a woven fabric, understanding warp tension balance is the secret behind a high-quality finished fabric. Warp tension control is especially important when weaving dimensional surface effects, to avoid warp tension problems while weaving.

The presentation of woven fabrics with interesting structure/surface textures will be accompanied by a large collection of samples available for hands-on examination by participants. Both handloom examples, and commercial textiles from fashion and interior design, will be available for examination.   Combinations of structures will include plain weaves, twills, honeycombs, and double weave variations. Loom set-up choices for threading, reed, and extra warp beams will also be explored.

Instructions for weaving a texture sampler on 8 to 24 shafts, including drafts and illustrations of sample structures will be included in the seminar handouts.

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