Giovanna Imperia

Most of my work focuses on the exploration of the tactile and organic nature of fiber and related materials while pushing the boundaries of the expected definition of body adornment and 3D objects.  This is accomplished by actively involving the use through the concept of “transformation” — the idea of actively engaging the user with shaping and transforming the art piece — thus making the user part of the creative process.

My work has been shown in many juried and invitational national and international exhibits.  Selected work has been reproduced in textile and jewelry books and can be found in private and museum collections.

I have written for Ornament Magazine and Handwoven Magazine, published a monograph on Kumihimo in Italian and have written the book “Kumihimo Wire Jewelry.”  I have also delivered workshops and seminars for national, regional and international fiber organizations and numerous fiber guilds. Until October 2020 I had an online business where I sold a number of unusual yarns imported primarily from Italy.

I have taught workshops and seminars for national, regional and international fiber organizations, and numerous fiber guilds, such as CNCH, ANWG, HGA, CHT, Braid Society, Japan Kumihimo Society, and Le Arti Tessili (Italy).

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Weaving with non-traditional materials

205 Monday PM

Technology and demand for new and innovative fibers from many industries have pushed companies to develop unusual yarns ranging from materials not traditionally associated with the textile industry  — such as plastic — to surprising and interesting blends with metal, to ultra fine yarns to create transparent fabrics. Many of these materials are not readily available outside of the industries for which they were designed (e.g., the automotive industry), but many are, and they have opened all sorts of creative opportunities to those willing to experiment.

During this seminar, attendees will find answers to questions they may have had and did not know who to ask ….. What is polyurethane? Why would I want to use thermoplastic? Are thermoplastic and polyester one and the same?  What is the point of combining bast or protein fibers with metal? What is elastane and how do you deal with it? What is metal, what is metallic? Can I weave with either on my loom? Can I weave with ultra fine yarns?  And much, much more.  There will also be a discussion on the idiosyncrasies of these funky and futuristic yarns, including handling, warping, weaving, braiding, etc.

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