Denise Bolger Kovnat

Denise Bolger Kovnat has taught at Convergence, MAFA and guilds across the United States and Canada. She focuses on Echo and Jin, collapse techniques, and Deflected Double Weave, and enjoys making garments using hand-dyed and handwoven fabrics. Her pieces have been juried into Convergence fashion shows since 2008 and have won awards from the Handweavers Guild of America and the Seattle Weavers Guild. She is most proud of serving on the founding team for the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center in Rochester, NY, which opened in 2002. Denise blogs about weaving and fiber art at

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Texture in Weaving: Techniques for Creating Dimensional Cloth

306 Tuesday AM

Texture can be achieved with weave structures themselves (such as turned twill and waffle weave); through the use of on-loom techniques (such as those used for seersucker and double-weave pleats); through finishing to achieve differential shrinkage; and through the use of overtwisted and exotic yarns such as Colcolastic, monofilament and wool/stainless steel.

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