Bonnie Inouye

A weaver since 1967, Bonnie enjoys creating new drafts, finding new challenges and weaving on computer-assisted looms. Flowing lines, unusual textures, intriguing color blends and woven images characterize her award-winning textiles. She prefers non-repeating designs that read well from a distance while including details for the intimate viewer. She has written many articles for weaving magazines and a book, Exploring Multishaft Design, with a second edition underway. Bonnie has taught for shops, guilds and conferences in nine countries and she has eagerly participated in all the Complex Weavers Seminars starting in 1988.

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Turned Tied Weaves with More Colors and More Ties

503 Wednesday AM

Turned tied weaves offer wonderful design freedom for weavers with multishaft looms who enjoy playing with three or more colors in the warp. Compare turned two-tie and three-tie as well as four or more ties. Instead of needing many shafts for many ties, I find it easier to use many virtual treadles. I have more options, too, making turned 3-tie and turned 6-tie and turned 12-tie on the same warp. Pattern warp colors may be threaded in parallel sequences using all available pattern shafts. Alternatively, dedicate certain shafts to specific colors. I particularly enjoy working with interleaved designs in the pattern warps and/or weaving with interleaved patterns in the liftplan or the treadling. Turned polychrome weaves produce fabric suitable for scarves and yardage with pleasing drape, a consistent surface and intriguing designs.

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