Alice van Duijnen

A textile addict since early youth and active weaver since 2002, Alice has been a member of Complex Weavers since 2006. Nowadays she weaves on a 32-shaft Louet Megado computer dobby, still discovering the endless possibilities it gives — exploring new structures and variations, playing with colours and materials. After improving her skills in the Fine Threads Study Group, she is currently a member of the Double Weave Study Group.

She first published about Anni Albers in the CW Journal in 2014, in close cooperation with the Joseph and Anni Albers Foundation, and her interest in the topic has never left her.

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Anni Albers: wall-hangings from the Bauhaus period

504 Wednesday AM

A story of fascination, fabric analysis, wonder and inspiration.

Anni Albers made several double weave wall-hangings during her years at Bauhaus. As did some of the other weavers. Have you ever wondered how they were made? Can we unravel the design process? What is the structure? For different pieces she used different weaving structures. Can we understand why? What can we learn from that? And how can you use these insights both in design and in structure in your own designs?

Linked to the big Tate exhibition on Anni Albers in 2018, a short presentation was given at the Complex Weavers Study Days in London. Now a more extended version will be given at Seminars for everyone interested in Anni and her weavings.

All works of Anni Albers Copyright of the Joseph and Anni Albers Foundation.

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