Alice Schlein

Alice Schlein has been weaving and teaching for 55+ years. Although a self-taught weaver she has augmented her education with workshops and seminars; she has woven on dobby and jacquard looms, rigid heddle looms, and tapestry looms. Alice is a former contributing editor to Weaver’s magazine; author of Network Drafting: an Introduction, The Liftplan Connection, Lampas for Shaft Looms, Amalgamation, and co-author, with Bhakti Ziek, of The Woven Pixel. She currently weaves in her Greenville, South Carolina studio and blogs at

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Amalgamation Celebration

206 Monday PM

Amalgamation is a technique for redistributing warp ends on loom shafts so that they don’t interfere with each other in close quarters. Used as a adjunct to network drafting, amalgamation allows reordering of certain warp ends on a satin base, and in the process produces startling pattern effects that would otherwise require twice the number of shafts. This is your loom on steroids!

For eight shafts or more. Seminar includes a brief review of network drafting, and will demonstrate the technique of amalgamation with powerpoint slides, weaving software, and Photoshop Elements®. Celebrate Amalgamation with dozens of actual woven samples.

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