Seminars 2014

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June 27 – 30, 2014

Hotel Murano, Tacoma, WA

CW Seminars 2014 • Tacoma, WA


CWWA 2014 kicked off Friday evening, June 27th, with a dessert reception and the Tacoma opening of Complexity, CW’s Juried International exhibition — truly stunning works from CW members.  This was a great time to connect with friends and meet other CW members.

Saturday morning’s Keynote Address by Madelyn van der Hoogt, gave enlightened history of Complex Weavers, and of Madelyn’s path to becoming a complex weaver!

Our “Off-the-Runway” giant Show and Tell displayed a bounty of handwoven items, from scarves to tapestries.  The body of work was said to rival the juried exhibit!

Following the banquet Saturday evening, we had the opportunity to meet our Board of Directors, and hear from each one about their activities on behalf of the members.  Then, we were entertained by member garment weavers, with beautiful hand woven styles, modeled on the runway. (To see the Fashion Show, visit the Gallery!)

Throughout each day, Seminars were presented in our unique venue, accommodating various class sizes — the result of which allowed all attendees to go to their first choices of topics.

On our second day, Sunday, we were treated to a talk by Sheila O’Hara, on the hand weaver’s evolution from dobby looms to Jacquard looms including Sheila’s experiences in Egypt & Italy.

In the evening, we were busy with our Silent Auction, and the Marketplace – our mini shopping mall!  Coveted goodies went home with new owners, and raised funds for the ongoing Complexity Exhibit.

We had the chance to get out and walk a little (3 long blocks) to Tacoma’s local gallery, B2 (Be Squared) Fine Arts, who mounted an exhibit of weaving by Agnes Hauptli and Stacey Harvey-Brown.  The gallery owners hosted a Night Cap opening, just for our attendees.

Our final full day culminated with a guest speaker, Layne Goldsmith, professor of Art from the University of Washington, who spoke to us of her programs with student-client commission process designing handwoven rugs made in Nepal.  Layne also entertained us with her saga of attempting to acquire a Jacquard loom for the university.

Time to say good-bye….. unless you were one of the 40 or so who stayed for the optional tour the following day.  We went by bus, under sunny skies and the incredible view of Mount Rainier, to Seattle.  First to the Henry Art Gallery, where we saw inkle bands woven by Dr William Bateman, and the textile antiquities which likely served as his inspirations.  We also learned how to access and use the extensive online collection of works at the Henry.  Second stop was home of Seattle Weavers Guild, and the collection of 45 notebooks, filled with handwoven samples and drafts by Dr Bateman.  This was a fantastic learning experience — up close and personal.


We enjoyed seeing you in Tacoma!


Mimi Anderson, Chair