October 2015

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From the Inbox, by Theo Wright


Remembering Richard Jeryan, by Penny Peters, Lynn Smetko and Stacey Harvey-Brown


Dyeing Sixteen Colors in One Go, by Marjolyn Van der Weil


Minoan Fabric Patterns Found in Egyptian Tomb Paintings, by Nancy Arthur Hoskins


Bateman Weaves Study Group:

  • Wanda Shelp
  • Margaret Arafat
  • Cathy Coatney
  • Penny Peters
  • Marty Benson
  • Meg Wilson
  • Linda Davis


Early Weaving Books and Manuscripts Study Group

  • Treasures from the Past, JoAnn Batchelder
  • Mistaken for an Expert, Marty Benson
  • Beautiful Everyday Cloth, Toni Ammons
  • Adapting Ziegler’s Decorated Hearts, Heather Hubbard
  • Franz Donat Towels, Sally Orgren
  • Patterns with History, Carol Wilkinson
  • The Angels, Marjie Thompson
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