October 2014

24 More or Less Study Group

Red Cashmere Duster by Eve Alexander

Creating and Extra Color by Sharon Carey

Phoenix by Tien Chiu

Three-Dimensional Interlacement Motif Fabric by Ivy DeHart

Table Linens in Double Weave Overshot by Louise Giddings

Deer Folk Motif with Entwined Border in Tied Weave by Heather Hubbard

Reflections on a 15th Century Textile by Catharine Wilson

Color Play: Designing Ply-splitting Cords by Barbara J. Walker

Stenciling on Warps by Tien Chiu Double Weave with One Layer Woven as Weft Shibori

Woven Origami by Susie Taylor

The Making of Nature in the Making by Stacey Harvey Brown and Agnes Hauptil

Journey with Anni by Alice van Duijnen


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