October 2013

Number 103: In this issue-

Paul O’Connor:  Scientist, Weaver, Educator by Marg Coe

Bridges Conference Report by Carla X Gladstone

On a Slippery Slope: Using and Ondule Reed by Margaret Arafat

Viva la Velvet Structure by Joyce LaVasseur

Designing Fabrics Study Group, Tien Chiu, Coordinator

  • Designing a Fabric Collection for Clothing by Eileen Driscoll
  • A Joyful Collaboration by Leslie Killeen
  • Designing a Commissioned Piece by Peg MacMorris
  • An Experiment in Fine Silk by Grete E Reppen
  • Assumptions and  Play by Deborah Kaplan
  • Designing:  Form Follows Function by Roxane Gardett
  • Designing Fabric with Meaning by Tien Chiu
  • Simplicity? by Barb MacIntyre

Making a New Design by Muffy Young

Warp Permutations of Four Shafts:  Part II by Carla X. Gladstone

Tehido Huave and Three-Shaft Damask by Marjolyn Van der Wel

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