June 2013

In the June issue:

Storing Pattern above the Warp Line by Deb McClintock.

(Videos Deb recorded on her travels may be viewed here.)

Collapse, Pleat & Bump Study Group (led by Marcia Kosmerchock and Wendy Morris)

with contributions from Debbie Kaplan, Beth Parks, Stacey Harvey-Brown, Louise Yale, Helen Bobisud, and Heather Olson

On the Beach by Karen Erlebach

Knotted Pile–How is this Complex? by Sara von Treskow

Designing Taquete on a Two-Tie Threading in Photoshop by Tien Chiu

Double Weave — Just Play! by Liz Calnan

Arte Della Seta — Weaving in the Italian Tradition by Richard and Christine Jeryan



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