Fine Threads

The Fine Threads Study Group was featured in the October 2012 edition of the Complex Weavers Journal.

  • Blocks and Asymmetric Curve by Cynthia Broughton
  • Gebrochene to Echo by Eva Stossel
  • Silk Scarf and Samples with Do’nuts by Grete Reppen
  • Diamond Jubilee by Anne Dixon
  • Weaving with Fine Wool Yarn by Susanne Kallstenius
  • Louis Serrure’s Satin Flowers by Edna Devai
  • Weaving a Cube by Siiri Bennett
  • Star Wars Cloak and Dress by Lillian Whipple

Click on the thumbnails below for large versions of the images.  If you see a little green arrow in the lower right corner, you can click on it to download or open the associated wif file.

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