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CTools is open to all CW members who have email with plain text. Messages can be received individually, in digest form, or can be read on the web page. Weaving files and graphics files can be uploaded or downloaded from the web page. This is a question driven email discussion group that covers questions and use of weaving software, scanners, digital cameras, and related equipment. Tips and questions are both welcome. The group provides a chance to ask questions, share solutions, explore different methods, and to use computer tools more effectively.


  1. Do you want to print a long threading to use at the loom? Try legal paper and print the draft landscape.
  2. Add a graphic to a newsletter. Use screen capture and a graphics program to crop the image and get just what you want. The huck graph paper pictured here was done in Excel.
  3. Learn to send a file to a friend who uses a different weaving software program. Send a WIF file, most weaving software will open and save WIF files.
  4. Keeping records. Most weaving software has a place for notes. Do you use this feature or a word processor? How do you name your weaving files so you can find them next year?